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Germany 10-0 Côte D’Ivoire – Group B Live Text

All times British Summer Time (BST)

FULL-TIME Germany 10-0 Cote D’Ivoire

Anything Norway can do, Germany can do better. They beat the lowest ranked side in the competition, thrashing them 10-0. Hattricks from both Sasic and Mittag, plus goals from Laudeher, Dabritz, Behringer and Popp gives Germany the comprehensive victory. Germany also become the first team to score 100 World Cup goals.

I will be back tomorrow at 9pm for Sweden vs Nigeria.

90+2 mins

Germany’s 12th corner. Goessling plays it short, and then her cross is caught by Thiamale. She then throws it to Dabrtiz who passes it back to Behringer whose shot is blocked. Then Popp gets into the box and is brought down by Rita Akaffou, but somehow the referee doesn’t give it.

90 mins

Worrying signs for Cote D’Ivoire as Binta Diakite picks up an injury. They are down to 10 players at the moment.

88 mins

Can Germany equal the record World Cup win that they set in their opening match against Argentina in the 2007 tournament. That was an 11-0 win.

87 mins – YELLOW CARD

Josee Nahi gets a yellow card.

86 mins – GOAL GERMANY 10-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Popp)

Alexandra Popp drives the ball to the left of the wall and into the bottom left corner, despite Thiamale getting a fingertip to it. Superb free-kick, but the wall was in a poor position.

85 mins

Fatou fouls Mittag just outside the box. Can Germany get their tenth?

83 mins

The crowd is announced as 29,053.

82 mins

Alexandra Popp shoots from 20 yards which is acrobatically saved by Thiamale.

81 mins – WHAT A MISS

Cote D’Ivoire comes close as a right-wing cross from Rita Akaffou is dropped by Angerer to N’Guessen who heads into the ground and it bounces over.

80 mins – GOAL GERMANY 9-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Behringer)

Another German corner. Goessling’s ball in falls to Melanie Behringer who blasts the ball at the keeper who can’t keep it out.

75 mins – GOAL GERMANY 8-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Dabritz)

Petermman breaks into the box, cuts the ball back across goal to Sara Dabritz who is left with a tap-in, to score her first international goal for the senior side in her 17th cap.

72 mins – GERMANY SUB

Lena Petermann replaces Simone Laudehr.


Ange N’Guessan replaces Rebecca Elloh.

71 mins – GOAL GERMANY 7-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Laudher)

Germany get their seventh goal as Popp sends Laudher down the left, she beats the defender as she cuts into the box and calmly curls the ball into the net. Wonderful goal.

70 mins – YELLOW CARD

Fatou Couliably is the fifth Cote D’Ivoire player to be booked.

69 mins

Another corner of Cote D’Ivoire, played short and Diakite crosses the ball into a dangerous zone, but no one makes the run and it is easy for Angerer.

68 mins 

Another Cote D’Ivoire corner, but in the end Germany clear it. The African side are not giving up, despite the scoreline.

66 mins – YELLOW CARD

Rebecca Elloh is the next Cote D’Ivoire to get a yellow card.

64 mins – GOAL GERMANY 6-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Mittag)

Cote D’Ivoire are in the German half, but a long ball from Krahn sends the ball back into the Ivorian half. Sophie Aguie misjudges the first bounce, and then with the second heads it straight to Mittag who runs into the box before firing the ball into the bottom left corner. The second hattrick of the game, this time for Anja Mittag.

62 mins

Germany win their 10th corner. Goessling’s delivery curls wide of the far post.

59 mins

Once again, Cote D’Ivoire break forward, but once again Rebecca Elloh can’t find the killer ball and the chance goes.

58 mins – YELLOW CARD

Sophie Aguie gets her name into the book after one too many fouls

57 mins

Germany have a free-kick on the right, just 1 yard out of the box. Behringer passes it across the box, but no German can get the decisive touch.

56 mins

Goessling’s free-kick from 35 yards eventually falls to Popp, whose close range shot is saved brilliantly by Thiamale.

55 mins

How does she miss that? Once again, Laudehr breaks down the right and pulls the ball back to Mittag, but somehow she fails to hit the target.


Cote D’Ivoire have the ball in the net as a high ball is played into the box where Angerer catches but spills the ball under the foul of Diakite Binta who then knocks the ball over the line.


Ines Nrehy replaces Nadege Essoh

50 mins

Germany corner. Goessling’s delivery is eventually claimed by Thiamale.

47 mins

Penalty appeal there? Rebecca Elloh goes down in the box under Annike Krahn’s challenge, but the referee sees nothing wrong.


Cote D’Ivoire kick off.


Sara Dabritz replaces hattrick hero Celia Sasic.

HALF-TIME Germany 5-0 Cote D’Ivoire

A superb hattrick from Sasic and a brace from Mittag, in a half where the Germans had 20 attempts on goal. I’m not expecting a come-back from Cote D’Ivoire in the second half.

45+3 mins

Cote D’Ivoire have a corner. It’s taken short and they win a second corner. It’s played deep to Raymonde whose cross is cleared. Great play down the right from Akaffou, but the Germans snuff out the danger.

44 mins

The Cote D’Ivoire keeper Dominique Thiamale is down again, with a shoulder injury from that brave save against Sasic (37 mins). Thiamale seems able to continue who is given a fantastic reception from the crowd.

42 mins

Germany have a free-kick now on the left-wing, 35 yards from goal. Goessling launches the ball into the box which the keeper claims well.

41 mins

Behringer to takes the free-kick and goes wide of the left post, and somehow the ref gives a corner which is wasted.

40 mins – YELLOW CARD

Thiamale takes out Sasic just outside of the box, and the referee gives the keeper a yellow instead of a red.

38 mins – Cote D’Ivoire SUB

Fernande Tchetche replaces Nina Kpaho

37 mins

Laudher crosses it to Mittag but the keeper claws the ball away from her, and then the keeper is brave to block Sasic, before Maier kicks the air instead of scoring. The ball goes behind for a corner

37 mins – YELLOW CARD

Rita Akaffou gets booked.

35 mins – GOAL GERMANY 5-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Mittag)

Simone Laudehr breaks down the right towards the byeline, and cuts the ball back to Anja Mittag who blast the ball into the top corner. Germany are on course to beat their 11-0 World Cup win over Argentina in 2007.

33 mins – GREAT SAVE

Goessling’s cross picks out Popp in so much space, but she directs her header straight at the keeper who does well to keep it out.

31 mins GOAL GERMANY 4-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Sasic)

Goessling’s deep ball over the defence finds Mittag who unselfishly plays the ball across to Sasic who taps the ball in to score a hattrick.

29 mins GOAL GERMANY 3-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Mittag)

A lovely goal. Maier plays the ball to Goessling, whose pass splits the defence to Mittag who places the ball into the bottom left corner.

27 mins

Germany win a free-kick close to goal, and play it quickly, but Thiamale is off her line quickly to win the ball.

27 mins

Germany have a free-kick 20 yards from goal on the left-wing, but Goessling’s effort goes wide.

26 mins

A quick throw sends Popp down the left who crosses back towards Sasic, but it is behind her and she can’t direct the ball goalwards.

24 mins

Great chance from Cote D’Ivoire as Diakite Binta breaks, plays it down the right to Rebecca Elloh, who tries to play the ball by to Diakite but the pass is behind her and the chance is gone.

22 mins

Alexandra Popp tries to pick out Mittag, but the cross is turned behind. Goessling’s corner is well held by Thiamale.

20 mins

Cote D’Ivoire break and they have the ball in the box with Rebecca Elloh, she checks inside but is tackled by Bartusiak.

19 mins

Sasic is through on goal but she is denied by Aguie Sophie’s last-ditch superb tackle.

18 mins 

Another short German corner picks out Bartusiak in loads of space, but she is offside

17 mins – GERMAN SUB

Melanie Behringer replaces Melanie Leupolz.

17 mins

Maier plays Mittag to the byline but her cross misses everyone.

16 mins

Diakite Binta breaks down the left-wing, but the German keeper Angerer is out quickly to clear the ball.

15 mins GOAL  GERMANY 2-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Sasic)

Lena Goessling’s cross finds Celia Sasic at the far post, the goalkeeper comes and misses, and the striker scores with a simple header.

14 mins

Two great chances for Sasic. Firstly Laudher picks her out but she blazes over, and then her shot from 20 yards is saved well.

13 mins

Cote D’Ivoire fail in the offside trap with Laudher given so much space on the right. She breaks into the box and passes to Goessling whose shot hits a defender.

11 mins

Germany corner. Goessling’s cross is cleared at it looks like Cote D’Ivoire were breaking, but the chance goes. Popp then gets into the box twice, firstly denied by Fatou’s tackle. And then the ball is headed down to Popp, but she fouls Fatou.

10 mins

Tabea Kemme sends Popp behind the back four with a simple pass, but Popps shot is superbly saved by Thiamale.

8 mins

Germany win the first corner. Goessling plays a one-two and then crosses to Alexandra Popp who is acres of space, but heads wide of the near post. This is outstanding from Germany.

7 mins

Germany have a free-kick on the right wing, Geoessling drives her ball in. It falls to Popp on the left and her cross is headed down to Laudehr, who has far more space than she realises and shoots wide.

4 mins

Leonie Maier breaks into the box and her shot is well saved by Dominique Thiamale. And then Sasic crossed to Alexandra Popp who headed wide.

3 mins GOAL GERMANY 1-0 Cote D’Ivoire (Sasic)

Disastrous start for the Cote D’Ivoire. A lovely overlap from Leonie Maier sees her cross back to Celia Sasic who is left with a tap-in.

2 mins

Nice play down the left by Rebecca Elloh as she looks to attack, she gets crowded out.


Germany gets this match underway.


Germany have won the World Cup twice, and are the only team to have defended the trophy. Cote D’Ivoire are playing in their first World Cup match. A mismatch?

20:55 – Teams

Germany: Angerer, Maier, Krahn, Bartusiak, Kemme, Goessling, Leupolz, Laudehr, Popp, Mittag, Sasic.

Cote D’Ivoire: Thiamale, Raymonde, Aguie Sophie, Fatou, Kpaho Nina, Rita, Ida, Nahi Josee, Essoh Nadege, Elloh, Diakite Binta.


2 comments on “Germany 10-0 Côte D’Ivoire – Group B Live Text

  1. Stewart Harding
    June 7, 2015

    Close game then.


    • Tim Oliver
      June 7, 2015

      Yes, Germany thrashed Cote D’Ivoire, and it could have been 20-0. But Germany’s defence looked shaky and if the African side had made better decisions in the final third, they could have got a couple of goals. Also remember, this is their World Cup debut, playing against one of the greatest sides of all time.


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