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Canada 1-0 Switzerland (Full Time) – Last 16 – Live Text

Canada 1-0 Switzerland

  • Canada won Group A, Switzerland one of the four best third-placed teams
  • Half-Time 0-0
  • Josee Belanger puts the hosts in front

All Times British Summer Time (BST)

FULL-TIME Canada 1-0 Switzerland.

Canada win! They will now face either England or Norway in the quarter-finals.

90+2 mins

Thalmann is forward for the cornre, but Dickenmann’s delivery is easy for McLeod.


Canada have to survive four minutes of additional time.

Canada88 mins – Canada Sub

Marie-Eve Nault replaaces Rhian Wilkinson

87 mins

Dickenmann curls a corner into the danger zone, but McLeod punches it clear.

83 mins

Belanger beats three defenders before shooting just wide of the far post, not getting enough curl on that.

82 mins – CLOSE

A clever passing move allows Sinclair to play Schmidt into the box who squares the ball to Filigno who makes the wrong contact as her shot goes wide

Switzerland80 mins – Switzerland Sub

Rahel Kiwic replaces Rachel Rinast

78 mins – WHAT A SAVE!

Bachmann cuts the ball superbly back across the six yard box. It falls to Bernauer who turns and shoots, but is denied by McLeod’s outstanding save. Switzerland waste the corner.

Canada76 mins – Canada Sub

Kaylyn Kyle replaces Ashley Lawrence to win her 100th cap. Not a bad place to win it.


The crowd is 53,855, meaning this beats the opening day crowd. This is the most watch game of football in Canada, men or women.

Canada yellow74 mins – Canada Yellow Card

Kadeisha Buchanan is booked for a challenge on Ramona Bachmann

Switzerland72 mins – Switzerland Sub

Fabienne Humm replaces Martina Moser

Canada69 mins – Canada Sub

Jonelle Filigno replaces Melissa Tancredi

68 mins

Two great challenges for Canada. Tancredi’s right-wing cross is picking out Sinclair, but Thalmann diverts the ball with a diving punch. Then Chapman crosses the ball into the box, Thalmann challenges for the ball with Sinclair, and the ball falls to Belanger who can’t get enough power on her shot, and Abbe clears on the line with her chest.

65 mins

Belanger puts a great ball into the box, it just misses Sinclair and falls to Tancredi, but her first touch is far too heavy and the chance is gone.

62 mins 

Switzerland have a free-kick won by Bachmann, in a central area, 25 yards from goal. Moser’s ball picks out Crnogorcevic with a lovely dink, but she heads over.

61 mins – Switzerland Sub

Vanessa Buerki replaces Selina Kuster.

60 mins

Chapman’s left-wing cross finds Belanger who heads wide. The cross was too high for her, and she probably should have left it to Tancredi.

54 mins

A great break from Dickenmann sees her break into the box, but she hesitates and allows Canada to recover and eventually Chapman makes a great challenge.

Canada football-352 mins – GOAL CANADA 1-0 Switzerland (Josee Belanger)

Breakthrough for the hosts. A cross down the left is only cleared to Wilkinson. She plays a dinked ball into the box towards Sinclair who gets a touch Belanger whose first-time shot fires into the bottom left-corner. That’s her first goal for Canada for over 4 and half years.

50 mins

Once again, Canada try and exploit Thalmann’s short height. Wilkinson’s deep cross goes over Thalmann, but Tancredi can’t get her head onto it as the cross goes just wide

48 mins

Superb play from Dickenmann sees her beat Sesselmann down the left, and crosses to the far side over Chapman, but for some reason Crnogoreciv doesn’t try to shoot

47 mins – CLOSE

Erin McLeod launches the free-kick into the box, Tancredi heads it down towards Sinclair, but Thalmann catches low down

Switzerland yellow46 mins – Switzerland Yellow Card

Kuster is booked for pulling back Belanager as she launched a counter-attack on the half-way line.


Switzerland restarts the game.

HALF-TIME Canada 0-0 Switzerland

A tense first half. Who will get the first goal?

45 mins

Belanger crosses, but it is too close to Thalmann to cause any issues.

40 mins

Wonderful skill sees Bachmann break into the box by the byline, beating two defenders, but makes the wrong pass to Moser which was intercepted.

32 mins

A great run from Rinast sees her break into the box, but she is denied by a great Buchanan tackle.

27 mins

Tancredi is on the left this time, and picks out Ashley Lawrence in the box, but she takes a terrible first touch and the chance goes.

21 mins

Melissa Tancredi gets into a good position down the right, but her cross hits Selina Kuster and Caroline Abbe clears. The Canadian players appeal for a handball against Kuster, but the referee is not interested.

16 mins – CLOSE

Canada nearly take a fluke lead. Josee Belanger’s right wing cross is overhit, but it beats Thalmann and smashes off the left post.

14 mins – CLOSE

Switzerland play the free-kick cleverly down the right, Bachmann beats Desiree Scott to cross the ball and looks to have set up Lara Dickenmann perfectly, but she gets her feet mixed up and it hits her left leg and acts as a clearance.

Canada yellow13 mins – Canada Yellow Card

Christine Sinclair is booked for a challenge of Maritz. It is a nasty and late tackle, and could have been shown a red card.

11 mins

Switzerland have a chance as Bachmann shoots, but from a narrow angle, McLeod makes the save.

5 mins

Canada have started strongly, but have yet to create a chance.


Canada gets the game underway.

00:25 – Canada Team

(4-3-3) Erin McLeod, Rhian Wilkinson, Kadeisha Buchanan, Lauren Sesselmann, Allysha Chapman, Ashley Lawrence, Desiree Scott, Sophie Schmidt, Melissa Tancredi, Josee Belanger, Christine Sinclair

00:25 – Switzerland Team

(4-4-2) Gaelle Thalmann, Noelle Maritz, Caroline Abbe, Lia Waelti, Selina Kuster, Ana Maria Crnogorcevic, Vanessa Bernauer, Martina Moser, Rachel Rinast, Ramona Bachmann, Lara Dickenmann.


Welcome to my live text of Canada vs Switzerland.


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