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Germany 1-1 (5-4p) France (Extra Time) – Quarter-Final – Live Text

Germany 1-1 France

  • Germany win 5-4 on penalties
  • Louisa Necib misses a glorious chance for France in opening minute
  • Half-Time 0-0. France have dominated the first half.
  • Necib then puts France ahead in the 64th minute
  • Germany equalise through Celia Sasic’s penalty.
  • Full Time: 1-1. Extra Time to be played. Penalty Shootout Awaits
  • Gaetane Thiney misses a glorious chance in the 116th minute.
  • Claire Lavogez miss the cruicial penalty

All Times British Summer Time (BST)


France Kick – MISSED (5-4)

Lavogez’s shot is saved low down the bottom left corner by Angerer’s knee

Germany Kick – SCORED (5-4)

Sasic places the ball in the same place in the second half.

France Kick – SCORED (4-4)

Renard sends the keeper the wrong way

Germany Kick – SCORED (4-3)

Marozsan places the ball bottom corner. Bouhaddi should have saved

France Kick – SCORED (3-3)

Necib blasts the ball past Angerer’s dive

Germany Kick – SCORED (3-2)

Peter blasts the ball past Bouhaddi who gets a touch

France Kick – SCORED (2-2)

Abily sends the keeper the wrong way

Germany Kick – SCORED (2-1)

Laudehr scores

France Kick – SCORED (1-1)

Thiney places it bottom left. Good kick

Germany Kick – SCORED (1-0)

Behringer to take the first. Down the right. Great kick

FULL TIME Germany 1-1 France

Penalties await…

120+2 mins

Marazsan shoots from just inside the box, and Bouhaddi saves. The German is in pain

120+1 mins

France now have a corner. Necib puts the ball in, but Angerer punches clear. Hamrouri’s 25 yard dipping effort just goes over. A couple of yards further out, that’s going in.

120 mins

Germany have a corner. Can they get the winner? Played short, but Renard clears Behringer’s cross.

116 mins – WHAT A MISS

Houara plays a delightful whipped ball behind the Germans to Thiney at the far post. Everyone expects the goal, but somehow Thiney misses the target.

115 mins

This feels like a game petering out to penalties.

109 mins

France have a corner, Necib’s ball is just about cleared. Behringer is down injured after twisting her ankle.  Hamrouri is back on the pitch after having to change her shirt

106 mins

Hamrouri is bleeding from Daebritz’s trailing arm. France have a corner. Necib’s ball is cleared by Daebritz


EXTRA-TIME HALF-TIME Germany 1-1 France

105 mins

Germany have a corner. Behringer’s ball is just about cleared, as is her second ball in.

102 mins

Hamraoui makes a driving run, and her cut-back is just cleared by Krahn. Then Germany break, Maier sets up Daebritz, but her mishit shot is easy for Bouhaddi.

France101 mins – France Sub

Kheira Hamraoui replaces Marie Laure Delie.

100 mins

What can France do here? Free-kick in a central position, just inside the ‘D’. Majri’s shot hits the 9 player German wall.

99 mins

Lavogez’s cross is cleared to Necib whose shot is blocked by Krahn’s and Maier’s hands

97 mins – CLOSE

Krahn’s header back falls to Delie who passes to Necib but just as she is about to pull the trigger, she was stopped by Kemme’s incredible tackle. The ball falls to Thiney, but she can’t get her shot off.

93 mins

Germany have a corner, but Behringer’s delivery is caught by Bouhaddi.

Germany yellow91 mins – Germany Yellow Card

Necib is tripped by Leupolz and the German is booked.

Extra-Time First Half

France gets the first half of extra time underway

Extra-Time – France Sub

Gaetane Thiney replaces Eugenie Le Sommer.

FULL-TIME Germany 1-1 France

Extra time will now be played.

90 mins

Two minutes of additional time. Right now Lavogez is down getting treatment after a challenge with Kemme.

88 mins

France have a penalty appeal, as Lavogez goes down under a challenge from Peter. But it is a clear dive/

88 mins

Laudehr’s cross falls to Daebritz, but her shot is blocked by Renard.

Germany football-384 mins – GOAL GERMANY 1-1 France (Celia Sacic penalty)

Sasic passes the ball in the bottom left corner, Bouhaddi goes the wrong way. Great penalty.

Germany Pen82 mins – GERMAN PENALTY

Patient build up from Germany. Maier’s sliding as she tries to pick out a player at the far post, and the ball hits Majri’s trailing hand and the ref points to the spot

82 mins

Germany have a free-kick on the left, 40 yards from goal. Behringer’s ball in is caught by Bouhaddi who had made the early run.

Germany79 mins

Melanie Behringer replaces Lena Goessling.

76 mins

France have a free-kick, just outside the box. Abily taps it Necib, her shot takes a massive deflection, Delie’s shot loops up and Angerer catches.

74 mins

Necib’s ball is headed down by Delive to Lavogez but she makes weak contact with her shot.

72 mins

Germany have a corner. Goessling’s delivery finds Daebritz whose shot is blocked, that richoets to Laudehr who shoots just wide of the near post. Sasic tried to stick her foot out to divert it, but couldn’t make contact.

71 mins

Germany have a free-kick from 35 yards. Goessling’s ball is never cleared, Kemme sets up Daebritz whose shot is blocked.

Germany71 mins – Germany Sub

Sara Daebritz replaces Alexandra Popp

France69 mins – France Sub

Claire Lavogez replaces Elodie Thomis.

Germany yellow68 mins Germany Yellow Card

Marozsan is booked for a late challenge on Renard.

Germany yellow67 mins – Germany Yellow Card

Lena Goessling is booked for a late challenge of Le Sommer.

64 mins – GOAL Germany 0-1 FRANCE (Louisa Necib)

Houara launches a long ball from the half-way line, Peter heads straight to Necib who controls it before shooting – it takes a massive deflection off Krahn to send the ball past Angerer.

62 mins

Another French free-kick, but Necib’s ball in just sails out for a goal-kick.

60 mins

France have a free-kick, about 40 yards from goal. Necib tries to pick out Renard, but Germany clear.

59 mins

Goessling’s corner is cleared, France try and launch a counter but are stopped.

58 mins – WHAT A SAVE

What can Germany do with this central free–kick, 30 yards from goal. Marozsan’s powerful effort is parried wide by Bouhaddi’s one-handed saved

France yellow57 mins – France Yellow Card

Marozsan drives into the centre, where Georges brings her down. The centre-back is also booked.

France yellow55 mins – France Yellow Card

Delie is booked for a trailing arm on Peter.

51 mins

France have a free-kick on the right. Necib’s ball is good, and Delie leaning back heads wide of the far post. She should have left it for Renard.

49 mins – GREAT SAVE

Marozsan at the byline cuts the ball back to Sasic, whose driven curling shot is well saved by Bouhaddi low down at the right post, and the keeper reacts to stop the ball going out for a corner.

48 mins

Thomis gets the better of Kemme down the right, bu Germany just about clear her cross.


Germany get the second half underway

GermanyHalf-Time – Germany Sub

Dzenifer Marozsan replaces the booked Anja Mittag

HALF-TIME Germany 0-0 France

France have missed several glorious chances. Will they live to regret those?

45 mins

Necib gives away a stupid foul on Sasic. Germany now have a free-kick on the right, about 25 yards from the byline. Goessling’s driven ball is cleared, but Maier gets in a cross that takes a huge deflection, and Bouhaddi claims at the near post

43 mins

Thomis’ low cross picks out Delie whose volley hits the hand of Peter. Penalty? Not given.

42 mins

Thomis and Delie play a one-two cutting open Germany, but Thomis’ shot is easily saved. The better option would have to try and pick out Le Sommer and Necib at the far post.

41 mins

Thomis puts in an early cross to Delie, but Angerer is alert and parries the ball away and then claims it.

39 mins

Necib’s first corner is cleared behind by Leupolz. Her next one is cleared to Majri whose left-footed shot goes well wide.

38 mins – WHAT A SAVE

Another French free-kick, on the right wing. Majri’s delivery is good, but Germany clear. Houra’s ball back in, hits Krahn, Necib chests down before volleying and Angerer makes an outstanding diving save to her right to tip the ball around the post.

Germany yellow37 mins – Germany Yellow Card

Anja Mittag is booked for a late lunge on Jessica Houara

36 mins

Germany open up France with Mittag playing Laudher down the left with a lovely passing interchange, but Laudehr is ruled offside

35 mins

Another chance for France. Henry shoots from 25 yards with power, but it straight down the throat of Angerer who deals with it well.

33 mins

Goessling’s ball is well chested down by Popp, but she struggles to get her shot off, and when she does it is tamely straight at Bouhaddi.

29 mins

Thomis puts in a great ball, Le Sommer can’t get the header, it falls to Majri whose shot is blocked by Laudehr, it does hit her hand but it also hits her chest so it would be impossible for a referee to give.

28 mins

Germany have a free-kick on the right, near the byline. Goessling’s ball falls at the far side where Mittag had two shots blocked, the ball fell to Leonie Maier whose 20 yard venomous shot is well saved

25 mins – CLOSE

Thomis is at it again, her cross picks out Marie Laure Delie but she heads over.

24 mins – OFFSIDE

An incredible lofted through ball from Henry over the top finds Le Sommer who heads wide. The assistant rules she was offside, but the replays suggest she was just on.

23 mins

Thomis is in another dangerous position, but her pull-back to Eugenie Le Sommer is behind her.

20 mins

Germany slowly finding themselves in this match. Anja Mittag tries her luck from 25 yards, but her shot goes wide and over.

19 mins

Thomis uses her pace to run at the box, but she is unsure whether to shoot or pass and is tackled by Krahn.

18 mins

Another corner for France, played short and Majri’s delivery is decent but well cleared by Krahn.

15 mins – CLOSE

Simone Laudehr puts in a delightful cross into the six-yard box, and Celia Sasic heads over. Germany’s first chance of the tie.

14 mins

Another France free-kick, this one on the right. Majri’s delivery is hit with pace, and Camille Abily can’t get enough on her shot to trouble the target as it goes wide of the near post.

12 mins

Just for a change, Germany have a free-kick, this one 35 yards from goal. Lena Goessling drills the ball into the box, Sarah Bouhaddi punches it towards Babett Peter, but she can’t divert it goalwards.

8 mins

Krahn gives France a corner under no pressure. Majri’s corner is headed clear, before Necib tries her luck from 35 yards which goes wide. France really putting Germany under pressure.

7 mins

France’s free-kick on the left. Necib passes to Majri in the edge of the box, who is originally blocked by the referee and then shoots wide.

6 mins

Another French free-kick, this one 25 yards from goal. Shooting range? What does Necib do this time? Her shot is blocked by the wall, then Henry’s shot is blocked. And then Henry wins another free-kick.

4 mins

France have a free-kick, 30 yards from goal. Necib’s ball in causes a scramble in the box and Laura Georges stabs the ball wide.

1 mins – WHAT A MISS

Elodie Thomis uses her pace to cut open the German defence, she passes across the box to the unmarked Louisa Necib who somehow misses the target. They need to take these chances.


France gets the quarter-final underway.


National Anthem time.

20:50 – Team News

Both teams make one change. For Germany, Babett Peter replaces the suspended Saskia Bartusiak. Whilst France replace their left-back Laure Boulleau with Amel Majri.

Germany20:43 – Germany Team

(4-2-3-1) Nadine Angerer (c), Leonie Maier, Annike Krahn, Babett Peter, Tabea Kemme, Lena Goessling, Melanie Leupolz, Simone Laudehr, Anja Mittag, Alexandra Popp, Celia Sasic.

France20:43 – France Team

(4-4-2) Sarah Bouhaddi, Jessica Houara, Laura Georges, Wendie Renard (c), Amel Majri, Elodie Thomis, Amandine Henry, Camille Abily, Louisa Necib, Marie Laure Delie, Eugenie Le Sommer.


Welcome to my live-text coverage of the first quarter-final of the 2015 Women’s World Cup. And it sees two heavyweights clash – Germany and France.


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