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Germany 0-1 England (Full Time) – 3rd Place Play-off – Live Text

Germany 0-1 England

  • Germany lost to USA in Semi-Final, England lost to Japan
  • England looking for their first ever World Cup medal
  • Gone into extra-time.
  • Fara Williams puts England ahead from the spot in the 108th minute

All Times British Summer Time (BST)

FULL TIME Germany 0-1 England

ENGLAND BEAT GERMANY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN 21 GAMES!!! England finish third. That is the least they deserved.

120+1 mins

Schmidt’s cross picks out Popp but her header is an easy save

120 mins

The ball is in the England box, Mittag gets a touch, it comes off Houghton, but Bardsley claims. Two minutes to hold on

120 mins

Daebritz’s corner is cleared for a throw by Stoney.

119 mins

Petermann’s shot is blocked by Bassett, but Bardsley can’t keep the ball from going for a corner.

116 mins

Popp puts an incredible cross to the far post where Schmidt is unmarked, but somehow she heads wide.

115 mins

Jo Potter fouls Daebritz on the edge of the box. Right on the line. Popp taps in to Mittag who blasts the ball at Bardsley. She has to parry it, but the keeper pounces on the rebound.

112 mins – England Sub

Casey Stoney replaces Fara Williams

108 mins – GOAL Germany 0-1 ENGLAND (Fara Williams penalty)

Lots of poor play from Germany trying to put off Williams. But she places the ball into the bottom-left corner for the third time this World Cup.

106 mins – England Penalty Award

Lucy Bronze’s long throw into the box, Kemme is pulling Sanderson and stopping her getting to the ball. Harsh, but anywhere else, it is a foul.


Germany gets the last 15 minutes underway


Is this going to penalties?

105 mins

England are caught out here. Germany take the free-kick quickly, Daebritz breaks into the box, lays up Leupolz just outside the box, but luckily for England her shot is always rising over.

104 mins

Germany now have a corner. Daebritz’s corner is punched clear by Bardsley, but then Bronze fouls Kemme.

101 mins

Alexandra Popp replaces Lena Goessling.

100 mins

Jill Scott goes for the ambitious from 35 yards, but the ball bounces harmlessly wide

99 mins – CLOSE

Goessling’s corner picks out Laudehr whose header goes well wide.

98 mins

Laudehr is in so much space down the left, she tries to pick out Petermann but there is Houghton making the sliding block behind.

98 mins

Goessling’s corner is headed away by Jill Scott and then cleared by Greenwood

97 mins

Laudehr’s shot is blocked by Bassett. Then Petermann breaks into the box, but Houghton makes a brilliant last ditch tackle to concede the corner.

95 mins

England have a corner. Williams picks out the unmarked Houghton at the back of the box, but she can’t get the direction to trouble Angerer.

94 mins

Goessling’s corner is punched clear by Bardsley and then Kemme has a wild shot over.

93 mins

What can Germany do from here. A free-kick, 30 yards from goal in a central position. Kemme’s effort hits Sanderson, but it takes a weird spin to go out for a corner.

92 mins – England Yellow Card

Laura Bassett is booked for a foul on Petermann

91 mins

Bronze’s cross is only just about cleared by Peter. Then Greenwood launches the ball up to Sanderson, but Angerer bravely claims.


England get extra time underway


Whisper it. This might go to a penalty shootout.

90+2 mins

England have a corner, which eventually Germany try and counter but it peters out after Houghton tackles Goessling on the half-way line which both players need treatment

90+1 mins

Carney picks out Aluko in the box, but it never falls for her and Peter clears just about.

89 mins

England have a free-kick, 25 yards on the right. Greenwood’s delivery is cleared, but England recycle the ball to Bronze. Her cross falls to Houghton outside the box, but her right-footed shot goes over.

86 mins

Jill Scott’s long ball sends Aluko into the box, but she overhits her headed touch which allows Angerer to bravely collect the ball.

85 mins

Once again Aluko uses her pace to win England a corner. Williams’ corner is cleared, and although England recycle the ball to Bronze, her cross is poor

83 mins – England Yellow Card

Karen Bardsley booked for time wasting

81 mins

Kemme picks out Mittag, but her shot is blocked by Houghton.

80 mins – England Sub

Lianne Sanderson replaces Chapman

80 mins

Great patient move from Germany, sees Laudehr try and break into the box, but she is tackled incredibly by Laura Bassett

78 mins

Fara Williams spots Angerer off the line, but despite being 40 yards from goal tries the lob, but the keeper recovers.

77 mins – England Yellow Card

Katie Chapman is booked for a foul on Daebritz

76 mins – CLOSE

England break with Bronze, she passes to Aluko who slides Jill Scott into the box, but she takes too many touches and her shot is blocked. England recycle in back to the right. Carney plays a delightful ball to the far post, but Jill Scott can’t stretch enough to get the crucial touch

75 mins

Aluko uses her pace down the right, her cross is cleared to Williams who launches a left-footed thunderbolt into Schmidt’s chest, but Chapman or Greenwood can’t get the vital touch at Peter clears

73 mins – Germany Sub

Anja Mittag replaces Celia Sasic

73 mins – CLOSE

Aluko’s pace wins a corner. Williams’ delivery goes in but Germany get to make their change. No they don’t. Confusion reigns. But Williams picks out Jill Scott at the far post, but she heads wide.

69 mins

Kemme cuts into the central area as she runs at the box and on the edge of the box she only just shoots wide.

67 mins

Germany gets the ball into the England box numerous times, but eventually Schmidt’s shoots well over.

66 mins – CLOSE

England have a corner, what can Greenwood do? She picks out Houghton, but she can’t get the right contact as her header goes wide.

61 mins – ENGLAND SUB

Eniola Aluko replaces Ellen White.

60 mins

Goessling’s corner picks out Petermann who heads into the ground, but Bardsley punches clear.

60 mins

Good play from Laudehr gets a cross to Petermann whose header deflects of Bassett.

57 mins

A quickly taken German free-kick nearly catches out England, but when Daebritz’s cross picks out Sasic, she is crowded out and the striker heads well wide.

55 mins

England corner. Williams plays it short to Potter whose left-footed shot is blocked.

54 mins

Goessling’s corner is blocked by Chapman and Carney. Goessling then launches the ball back into the box, it falls to Petermann whose shot is blocked by Houghton.

53 mins – WHAT A SAVE

Sasic’s deep cross picks out Daebritz whose volley is going in the bottom left corner, but Bardsley leaps to parry the ball around the post with two hands.

50 mins

England have a corner. Williams tries to pick out Bronze had the far post, but she overhits her delivery.

49 mins

England have a free-kick from 35 yards. Williams’ delivery is great, but Laudehr heads clear.

46 mins

Germany quickly create a chance but Bianca Schmidt’s shot is far too ambitious


Germany kick the second half off

Half-Time Sub – Germany

Melanie Leupolz replaces Melanie Behringer.

HALF-TIME Germany 0-0 England

England will be happy to have frustrated Germany. Both chances for both sides.

45+3 mins

Germany have a corner. This will be the last action of the first half. Behringer’s ball finds Sasic at the far post, but her volley is blocked by England.

45+1 mins

Daebritz runs at the England defence, but in the end, her shot is blocked.

43 mins – CLOSE

Germany have a free-kick, 40 yards from the England goal. Behringer’s ball in is cleared by Chapman and Potter. But Germany recycle the ball to the left, Kemme’s cross picks out Sasic, but she heads over.

35 mins

Goessling plays a powerful ball into the box where Sasic is made a brilliant run, but she can’t get a good first touch and Barsley claims.

34 mins

England have a free-kick just inside Germany’s half. Williams’ ball in though is cleared by Germany.

32 mins

Greenwood’s corner is cleared, but her second ball sees a clash of heads between Bartusiak and Bronze.

31 mins

Super skill from Lucy Bronze sees her break into the German box and win a corner.

30 mins

Goessling’s corner picks out Behringer, her header loops out towards Petermann, but one-handedly Bardsley catches.

26 mins

England work a long-distance free kick to Greenwood whose ball into the box picks out Ellen White, but her header goes wide.

21 mins

Germany have a free-kick, 35 yards from goal, but Behringer’s ball in is cleared by England.

19 mins

Petermann has a wild shot from outside the box, and it goes well wide.

18 mins – CLOSE

Behringer’s corner is cleared, but Goessling chips the ball to Daebritz on the edge of the box, she chests the ball down, turns and then volleys just over.

17 mins

England have a free-kick, about 40 yards from goal. Greenwood’s ball is cleared, but Germany counter. Daebritz’s ball slides Goessling behind England’s defence but her cutback is turned behind by Basset.

15 mins

Williams corner is played to the edge of the box to Potter, but she can’t get the ball under control to get a shot off.

12 mins – CLOSE

England have a corner. Williams’ corner is punched clear by Angerer and Potter’s shot is blocked. Lucy Bronze uses her skill to make room in the box, cuts the ball back to Houghton but she can’t get the correct contact on her shot and Angerer saves.

10 mins

Better from England. A good passing move sets up Fara Williams but her long range effort goes wide. She mishit that.

9 mins- CLOSE

Close again from Germany. Petermann sends Sasic into the box, but her shot is weak and straight at Bardsley.


Thank goodness Houghton was back on. Tabea Kemme’s cross picked out Bianca Schmidt whose header is flicked past Bardsley by Jo Potter, but there is Houghton to hook the ball off the line.

7 mins

Houghton is back on the pitch and seems okay.

6 mins

Steph Houghton needs some treatment due to Celia Sasic accidentally stepping on her foot.

2 mins

Behringer’s corner is just away punched clear by Bardsley.

1 mins – CLOSE

Nearly a great start from Germany. Daebritz picks out Petermann, but her header is well tipped around the post low down by Bardsley.


England gets the game underway.


England playing in red. Omen? At least they have white numbers and names…please take note Germany. Please.


The teams are out. Time for the National Anthems.


Whilst it could be argued Germany failed to turn up against the USA, including missing a penalty, you can’t say that about England. The cruelty of the method shed tears around the country in a way that hadn’t been done since 1990. Let’s hope today, there is something to celebrate.

20:43 – Germany Team

Nadine Angerer, Bianca Schmidt, Saskia Bartusiak, Babett Peter, Tabea Kemme, Lena Goessling, Melanie Behringer, Simone Laudehr, Lena Petermann, Sara Daebritz, Celia Sasic.

20:43 – England Team

Karen Bardsley, Lucy Bronze, Steph Houghton, Laura Bassett, Alex Greenwood, Jo Potter, Fara Williams, Jill Scott, Katie Chapman, Karen Carney, Ellen White.


I’ve still not gotten over the cruelty of England’s defeat to Japan, but here we have the match to decide the third-placed team. England deserve it, all they have to do though is to win their first ever game against Germany. No biggy.


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