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FC Kilmarnock Ladies Profile – Scotland’s Oldest Club

Basic Information

Kilmarnock Ladies Logo

Kilmarnock Ladies Logo

Twitter: @FCKilmarnockLFC
Coaches: David Howie and Ross Chisholm
Stadium: Rugby Park
League: SWFL 2nd Division West/South West
Top Scorer 2015: Lauren Anderson – 21 goals

Brief Club History

Founded by Bill and Sadie Duff, Kilmarnock Ladies was formed in 1961 as Stewarton Thistle which makes them the oldest women’s football club in Scotland. As well as winning the inaugural Scottish Women’s Cup, they also reached the final of the first (English) Women’s FA Cup in 1971. The competition, run by the English Women’s Football Association, admitted Scottish and Welsh sides during its first three seasons. With a starting line-up featuring the legendary player Rose Reilly, they lost 4-1 to Southampton.
They became FC Kilmarnock Ladies in 1999 under the management of Jim Chapman, they had a period of great success. Kilmarnock won the top flight twice in 2001-02 and 2002-03, the Scottish League Cup once, the Scottish Premier League Cup three times and the Scottish Cup twice.

This success meant they featured twice in the UEFA Women’s Cup but failed to progress from the group stages.

However, in recent times, performances have not been as good. In 2012, they suffered relegation from the SWPL after finishing on 5 points. The next season, they suffered a second consecutive relegation to the Second Division West League.

2014 Season

Kilmarnock came very close to bouncing back and securing promotion. They finished second with 53 points, but 13 points behind the champions Mill United.

Their time in the 2014 Scottish Cup was short, as they were knocked out of the Preliminary Round by Cumbernauld Colts 4-2 on penalties – drawing 4-4 after extra time.

2015 Season To Date

Information correct as of 14th September 2015

Kilmarnock currently compete in the Scottish Women's Football Second Division West/South West

Kilmarnock currently compete in the Scottish Women’s Football Second Division West/South West

Currently, Kilmarnock is sitting third in the league behind Rangers and Glasgow City development teams. They are nine points behind leaders Glasgow City. Their league campaign has seen some impressive results: beating Harmony Row 9-2, 8-1 against Queen of the South, 10-1 vs Kilwinning, and beating United Glasgow 8-0 and 14-0.

In the SWF 2nd Division League Cup, Kilmarnock was given a bye in the First Round. They beat Edinburgh South 7-0 in the 2nd Round, then in the 3rd Round they thrashed Claremont 10-0 before knocking Edinburgh Caledonia 7-0 in the Quarter-Finals. However, their run game to the end in the Semi-Finals as they lost to Rangers Development 1-0.

Their run in the 2015 Scottish Cup began in the Preliminary Round where they thrashed East Fife Violet 11-0. In the First Round, they beat Hearts Development 2-0. The Second Round was a trickier affair as they required penalties to knock out Mill United. In the previous round, Kilmarnock beat Dee Vale 2-1. Their run came to an end as they lost to the holders Glasgow City 11-0 in the Quarter-Finals.

League Record over Past Seven Seasons

2014: SWFL 2nd Division West – 2nd – 53 points.
2013: SWFL 1st Division – 12th – 5 points.
2012: SWPL – 12th – 5 points.
2011: SWPL – 11th – 0 points.
2010: SWPL – 11th – 6 points.
2008/09: SWPL – 8th – 18 points
2007/08: SWPL – 5th – 30 points.


4 comments on “FC Kilmarnock Ladies Profile – Scotland’s Oldest Club

  1. Lauren Markey
    September 18, 2015


    The information provided about the Club History is missing the most integral part. The Club was founded by Bill and Sadie Duff and no where on this page is that evident. Not to mention there is a lot more critical points forgotten about. Credits due where credit is due. The Synopsis written does not provide this!

    Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards
    Lauren Markey


    • Tim Oliver
      September 18, 2015

      Hi Lauren,
      I hadn’t been able to track down the information from legitimate sources such as the club website in terms of the history, but I’ll make the change.

      Thanks for pointing it out 🙂


    • Tim Oliver
      September 18, 2015

      I also plan in the next months to write a more detailed history of the club from their roots as they clearly played a vital part of Scottish Women’s Football. This is a personal blog and I’ve only just started looking at Scottish Women’s Football this year, so my knowledge of the sport and it’s history is still developing.


  2. Julie
    September 18, 2015

    Lauren I’m glad you got the Legends & founders Bill & Sadie Duff of Killie Ladies added into the history!


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