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Can Hibernian Win The SWPL Title Race?

With just four games left in the 2015 Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL), the question is where will the title end up at?

How Are Positions Decided?

  1. Number of Points
  2. Goal Difference
  3. Number of Goals Scored
  4. Head to Head
  5. Number of Away Goals Scored In Head To Head Games
  6. Decider Game Played

What Is The Current Situation?

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
Glasgow City 17 15 2 0 82 10 +72 47
Hibernian 17 14 2 1 57 16 +41 44

P=Games Played W=Games Won D=Games Drawn L=Games Lost F=Goals Scored A=Goals Conceded GD=Goal Difference Pts=Points

Final Fixtures

Glasgow City
27/9: Spartans (h)
04/10: Hibernian (a)
08/10: Chelsea (a) Champions League 1st Leg
11/10: Rangers Scottish Cup Semi-Final
14/10: Chelsea (a) Champions League 1st Leg
18/10: Aberdeen (h)
01/11: Rangers (a)

27/9: Celtic (a)
04/10: Glasgow City (h)
11/10: Celtic Scottish Cup Semi-Final
18/10: Rangers (h)
01/11: Spartans (h)

Can Hibernian Win The Title?

How can Hibernian win the title? Well, the bad news first. They are three points behind Glasgow City with four games remaining. Despite the two clubs playing each other, City’s goals scored total requires them to drop 4 points – City have scored 25 goals more than the Edinburgh rivals.

The first question we have to ask is can Hibernian beat Glasgow City? The good news for the neutrals is, yes. If you look at their three games for two teams have played so far, including the SWP League Cup Final, all three ties were draws at full time. So, it is obvious that the two teams are close, it therefore means the real question is can Hibernian deal with the pressure? If Hibs hadn’t lost to Aberdeen, the pressure would have been all on Glasgow City.

So let’s assume Hibernian beat Glasgow City.

Where is it likely that City will drop points? Spartans is unlikely. There are a very good side, but in the three games they have played this season, Spartans have yet to score against City. The final game in the league against Rangers is another game you expect City to win.

So, in this scenario, the match where the title will be decided at is City’s home match against Aberdeen. In the league, Aberdeen are the only team who have beaten Hibernian. And in the two City-Aberdeen league ties, City have won by a single goal.

But the reality is that City will most likely draw this match, rather than lose. This highlights the importance that Hibernian beat City. I’m not saying Aberdeen can’t beat City, but both league games were at Aberdeen and City have a spirit that will likely get a last-ditch equaliser.

Now let’s assume Hibernian draw with Glasgow City.

This means that even if Aberdeen beat City, City are still required to drop two points in their matches against Spartans and Rangers. And with City’s depth in squad, and experience of this situation, you can’t see this happening.

And if Hibernian lose to City, then the title is over – even if City had lost to Spartans.

Hibernian will be cursing the calendar. If their tie against City had been the Sunday after their Champions League Second leg against Chelsea – there was the possibility of City not being 100% and the Edinburgh side taking advantage.

I’ve said before that this title race has been brilliant for Scottish Women’s Football, regardless of the outcome. And with Aberdeen’s improvement, it makes the prospect of the SWPL 1 next season even more exciting.

And if as I suspect City lift the title, Hibernian can console themselves with running the country’s best side closer than was expected.

Oh, and a possible Scottish Women’s Cup Final against City on the 8th November.


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