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Project Announcement

I have an announcement to make…

I’m wanting to launch an online magazine, dedicated solely to Women’s Football in Scotland. The aims and ambitions are to cover women’s football at every level: from SWPL 1 to organised kickabouts in a park. All that matters is the story. It will be open for submissions for all voices from within and outside the game, and with a successful funding and business model, every contributor will be paid if their work is published in the magazine. But the focus will only be, and will always only be focused on Women’s Football inside Scotland (except for the national sides of course).

And the reality of the situation is how ambitious I can be early on will be down to the amount of funding I can get. I will be starting a crowd-funding campaign in the next week. Long-term, from 2017, the magazine will be run as a social enterprise with a proportion of profits going back into grassroots projects, or funding new talents in the game. I want the magazine to be able to expand to physical copies, podcasts, videos and even providing live coverage.

But, the current focus is on the first issue which will hopefully come out in March.

Before then, there is a lot to do: new website, getting contributors, working out schedules, funding etc.

Most of all, though, I need your support. This magazine will be created for you.

Please comment on what you would want it to cover, share it on social media, and please support the crowd funding campaign when it starts in the next week.

Thank You,



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