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Magazine Update

As you hopefully know, I’m trying to launch an online magazine dedicated to Scottish Women’s Football. I’ve launched a Crowd Funder where I’m aiming to raise £2,000.

Crowd Funder

If you want to back my Crowd Funding campaign, the link is below:


The funding I am asking for here is for a launch issue, which will focus on previewing the upcoming 2016 SWPL season. If I manage to raise more money than my target, then it will help fund further issues.

The £2,000 I am asking for will be spent mainly on four categories:

  • Travel Costs: Either for myself, or for other contributors
  • Writers: I want to pay between £25 and £50 for a small article on each of the 16 SWPL Clubs
  • Photographers: I want to pay for at least photograph from each SWPL club, paying between £25 and £50
  • Website: Developing a holding website for the magazine

The fees for writers and photographers I’ve stated above are the rough guides for the launch issue. Later issues will pay contributors a higher rate. In the case I raise over the £2,000 target, these launch issue contributor rates may be increased.


If you want to contribute to the magazine, either as a photographer or writer, then please respond using the contact form below or contact me through Twitter @timoliver35.


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